Delight to have caught your consideration.

I'm Poonam Singh Delhi’s Sexiest Secret Atrocity’s most restrictive autonomous extravagance partner. A melt-in-your-mouth dream enlivened - for the modern, particular refined man.

Is it safe to say that it isn't time you were genuinely ruined? A furtive tryst...a sentimental overnight rendezvous...the sky's the cut-off with the enchantment you and I make Serious satisfaction. Extreme caution Enthusiasm ought not to be an extravagance but rather a prerequisite.

You and I are going to get on amazingly well.

About Me

  • 32D-24-34
  • Dress size 2
  • 5'5", level footed
  • 53 Kgs., splashing wet
  • Large chestnut eyes
  • Fun loving, accommodating, and arousing depict me well. A superior look into my identity can be found on my BLOG (also a plenty of selfish). Being in my mid 20s, I have the energy of a young lady joined with the refinement of a lady. My high cheekbones, full lips, and rich constitution are a result of my English and Indian foundation.

    I've modelled for Metropolitan, Maxim, and various standard brands. I've additionally showed up in national advertisements, TV shows, and documentaries. With rich delicate skin, I'm honoured with a statuesque make sense of and work 4 days a week. Voyaging, perusing, composing, and staying solid, body and soul, are all interests of mine. Most importantly, I'm an amazingly private individual - trust it or not, presumably pretty much as private as you.

    I truly appreciate the collaboration that accompanies being a private friend; so, it is something I hold for a restricted few. Grasping my gentility and courageous streak are musts; I cherish every one of that accompanies being a woman...and I do get a staggering surge from tempting you with only a look, or touch, and making you need to eat up me...

    A couple of my most loved things: The sound of downpour. Lavish lodgings. A smooth dark dress. Relaxing in bed. Voyaging. A thundering fireplace. Cartier. The sea. Silky lingerie. Energetic kisses. Etc.

    You and I

    You are a separating man who wants the best in this world. Your valiant and enchanting nature warrants a lady who loves you. You ache for a seductress who relishes being your own goddess. Enchantment, titillation, need, and merit, it all.

    The element between two licentious, consenting grown-ups is the stuff of legend. Who's to say what may unfurl when the science is correct?


    Behaviour is a fundamental part of any relationship. Before we meet, how about we make certain we're in agreement, should we?

    Per standard set of principles, my thought/blessing is to be given toward the start of our date. At the point when in broad daylight, please welcome me with a blessing pack containing my thought in an envelope. In the event that we meet at a private area, it ought to be in an envelope and put on the lavatory counter. In the event that you wish to develop our time together, and, expecting I am ready to oblige you, extra thought ought to be convenient.

    It is comprehended that paying little respect to our science's power, our time together is not to be surpassed without appropriate thought. Said thought is for my time as it were.

    Any endeavour to deal will convey a conclusion to us.

    Good manners are critical. Conduct, gallantry, and shared appreciation ought to never be thought little of.

    Individual cleanliness is crucial; it shows regard for oneself as well as for the other party also.

    I comprehend life "happens," be that as it may, cancelations with 24 hours' notification or less result in a 20% rebooking expense.

    I'm not a major advocate of surveys - security is critical to me and the dominant parts of reviews out there are cheap. On the off chance that you think of one, please keep it tasteful and don't uncover particular subtle elements -, for example, my big name twin, identifiable imprints, and individual data you may learn. Much obliged to you ahead of time for regarding this.


    You've looked things over, you're animated, and you can't get me off your mind. Yes, that is certainly a sign we are intended to be.

    All the data you give is 100% private and expected for my wellbeing as it were. The screening structure you submit will be erased after we have met.

    Arrangement Request: Open My Secure Booking Form or alternatively you can call me at +91-9873940964

    Anyway, now that that is off the beaten path, what are you sitting tight for? Enthusiasm is standing by...